Here are 10 things that I did myself to stop Climate Change Pollution; You can too:

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Think about planting trees and support organizations who do this work.  It is the most natural way to sequester climate change pollution. But planting trees and continuing to pollute at even higher levels is not a solution.
Even though people say voting is a waste of time, register to vote independent or green party and vote only for candidates who support the green new deal and are not owned by the fossil fuel industry.

It is up to each one of us to do everything we can to avoid climate change extinction, which is happening all around us.  We support Friday’s for Future Strikes and Extension Rebellion, but we go to the protests 100% gasless, pollution free.  You see, we did all the things on the list below and are walking the walk.  You can too.

1.If you or your parents pay an electric bill, switch your electric source to Clean Choice Energy It is quick and easy and you can do it now.

2.Look for VAMPIRE loads – stuff that is always on.  Microwave ovens, computers, screens, tv, phone chargers, hot water heater. Get a power strip with an off switch and one by one get all your devices on one.  Turn everything off with a single click.   This will save you money because you’ll use less electricity.

3.Switch your diet – eliminate fast foods, go vegetarian or vegan.  Outside of transportation, diet is the #1 way a side from transportation that can help you eliminate climate change pollution.  Eat only organic, buy local.  See the movie “Food Inc.”

4. Change all your lights to LEDs they consume 90-95% less electric energy and this will save you money.

5. Stop Flying – this is a major cause of climate change pollution.  Avoid flights like the plaque.  Plan a head, get an EV for those trips.  I just completed the worlds longest music tour in an EV – 8,070 mile plus our summer tours which added up to over 16,000 gasless, pollution free miles. I had one flight in 2007 and my last one was in 2010.

6. Stop Driving IEEC (Internal Explosion Engine Cars) If you have a gas car have it crushed like I did with my mini van, or at least trade it in. With luck no one else will buy it.  Yes I crushed my mini van totally.
Get a pre-owned EV 100% electric vehicle.  We just bought a Nissan Leaf 2011 looks like new for $5,000, great for around town.  We are doing a battery upgrade which will cost $1,500 in labor, $100 per month for the battery upgrade and we will get around 220 in range which is more than enough to go to the shore and back (Philly area).  Friends don’t let friends drive a gas hole.   If you or someone you know is looking for a new car – get a new EV.  Tesla is the best one from a company dedicated to eliminating transportation climate change pollution.  Here is the referral code: you’ll get 1,000 miles of free super charging.  Pre-Owned or New – EVs are at least 80% cheaper to drive! Yep that’s because electricity is cheaper than gas hands down.   If you don’t have a car take Lyft, demand they show up in an EV.

If you own a home:

7.Get tons of Insulation. If you own a home, heat is leaking out of your ceiling which is costing you money.  It might be said that you can never have too much.  Good investment and instant return with reduced winter heating bills.  There are tax credits of off set installation costs.

8. Upgrade your windows and doors.  This costs, but there are tax credits of off set installation costs and ultimately will save you money.

9.Get off fossil fuel at home. Is your home heating coming from oil or natural gas = (methane)?  These are fossil fuels that harm the water, air quality and are climate change pollution sources.  Switch to a 100% electric high efficiency heat pump system. Electric cook stove too. This costs but there are tax credits of off set installation costs and ultimately will save you money and lower your carbon footprint.

10. Consider roof top or community solar so you can become a net producer of energy.  Solar power in combination with stationary battery backup is an unbeatable combination to fight climate change pollution.  Solar by day, battery power at night.  Tesla will put up solar for you pretty cheap…. Free use this code to find out more about the power wall and solar.

11. Yard tools. Get rid of all your gas powered tools like: Lawn mowers, chain saws, snow blowers, line trimmers, leaf blowers, electric generators (get a power wall  All these, excep the power wall, are fossil fuel climate change pollution devices.

We did not do this list in 1 – 11 order, we did clean choice, lights, vampire loads, tools,  vegan, electric cars, heating, solar and now heat pumps.  So you can achieve your goals in any order.


Fight Climate Change Pollution

Switch to 100% renewable energy