Go Out and Play – Rick Denzien – Blinded Eyes

Death Looks on You – Rick Denzien -Blinded Eyes

Hope Until Then – Rick Denzien – Blinded Eyes

“When we fix climate change at home, we fix it everywhere.” – Rick Denzien

What Is A Zero Emission Musician?


Zero Emission Musicians are about creating a better world through music and

The big Question: Do Zero Emission Musicians get gas?


Rick is a recording artist, singer/songwriter, educator, activist, and an EV
(electric vehicle) enthusiast, hitting the road driving a 100% Electric
Vehicle No Gas EV, starting in 2013 with a Nissan Leaf, upgrading to the
Tesla Model 3, and embarking on his record setting first Across America Right to Left Coast
Tour in 2018-2019.


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a little more about Rick Denzien

Rick’s proclivity for music and cars is in his DNA.  Both his parents were semi pro stock car race drivers.  His dad worked the assembly line at Ford
Motor in Buffalo, NY.  His mom played piano and sang in the choir.  Her brother, Rick’s Uncle Charles, was an insane B3 player who riffed on the organ while playing jazz trumpet and recorded his original songs at home directly to 45 rpm records with a portable suitcase and recording lathe kept in the living room.   Rick’s love for recording started in the 4th grade
with his first reel-to-reel tape recorder he got for Christmas.
His music career began as a teen, and through college where he studied philosophy and recording engineering. His first on-road tour began after college graduation, in a big yellow Dodge van. (When he became aware a of
the dangerous effects of burning fossil fuels a few years later,  he vowed to not buy a new vehicle until 100% electric and gas-free cars were

A management deal had landed him in the Philadelphia area. When the deal went South, he started his own independent record-label and recording studio, which since 2013, has been powered 100% Wind and Solar energy.  He has 5 albums with award winning songs, and his Exit 21 CD earned him a nod from the Grammy’s (NARAS).  In addition to his own music, he’s produced and recorded a huge number of artists and songwriters featured on his Indy record label.
He created ThriveFest.Us in 2016, where original music meets eco-sustainability, at a weekend long music festival held annually on Earth Day weekend in the town where he lives just outside of Philadelphia.

He drives and tours exclusively with electric vehicles.  He presents workshops and educational programs on eco-sustainability, performs at in-home-living room concerts, and has been instrumental in helping others to eliminate much of their harmful global warming exhaust footprint.   He walks the talk, and it’s his passion to help others make more practical, healthy and money saving lifestyle changes for an eco-secure future.

What better way to take a stand for eco-sustainability with your friends in your living room concert?

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House Concert – Melting Fields – Rick Denzien

House Concert – Southern Rain – Rick Denzien

House Concert – Dark and Stormy – Rick Denzien

House Concert – Eye For An Eye – Rick Denzien

House Concert – So Clear – Rick Denzien

Studio – This Road – Rick Denzien

Studio – Tsai – Rick Denzien
nationally charted, award winning

Go Out And Play



Casual Affairs

Heal The Land

A cry to save humanity from humanity

Laser Writing on the Moon

Space Time, Singularities, What does it all mean?

Exit 21 – Next ExitA complete Remix + Bonus Material from the original Exit 21 digital multi tracks.

10 things I did, that you can do right now to stop climate change pollution.

Music lovers with a heart for Eco-Sustainability host Rick at home concerts,
and book him at festivals, acoustic and rock venues, coffeehouses,
workplaces, and organizational meetings and parties.

His message, “What we can do right now for an Eco-Secure future?” offers
practical steps based on his personal experience and research to educate and
motivate others into taking action.

As a  speaker, Rick presents workshops including:  Build Electric Vehicle
Charge Stations for Your Home;  Home Energy Survey-How to Save Money while
Saving the Planet;  Get Ready For Solar;  How To Achieve Zero Emission in
Transportation; Home & Business Heating; The Benefits and Whys & Hows of a
Sustainable Diet.

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